Software publishing establishments are involved in all aspects of producing and distributing computer software, such as designing, providing documentation, assisting in installation, and providing support services to customers.

Information about the Software Publishing Industry:

* The term “publishing” often implies the production and distribution of information in printed form. The software publishing industry also produces and distributes information, but usually it does so by other methods, such as CD-ROMs, the sale of new computers already preloaded with software, or through distribution over the Internet. Establishments in this industry may design, develop, and publish software, or publish only.

* In 2006, there were approximately 10,000 establishments that were engaged primarily in computer software publishing, or in publishing and reproduction.

* The Internet has vastly altered the complexion of the software publishing industry over the last decade. Much of the applications and system software that is now developed is intended for use on the Internet, and for connections to the Internet.

* In 2006, there were about 243,000 wage and salary jobs in the software publishing industry.

* Occupations in the software publishing industry require varying levels of education, but in 2006, more than 8 in 10 workers held college degrees.

* Employment in the software publishing industry has more than doubled since 1990. As firms continue to invest heavily in information technology, and as the demand for specialized software rises, employment in software publishing is projected to increase by 32 percent from 2006 to 2016, nearly three times as fast as the 11 percent growth projected for all industries combined.

* Demand for software publishing services will grow as a result of an increasing reliance on information technology, combined with falling prices of computers and related hardware.

* The growing reliance on the Internet will be a major driver of job growth.

* Job opportunities in software publishing should be excellent for most workers, given the rate at which the industry is expected to grow, and the increasing integration and application of software in all sectors of the economy. Professional workers should enjoy the best opportunities, reflecting employers’ continuing demand for higher level skills to keep up with changes in technology. In addition, as individuals and organizations continue to conduct business electronically, the importance of maintaining system and network security will increase.

* Employees in the software publishing industry generally command higher earnings than the national average. All production or nonsupervisory workers in the industry averaged $1,444 a week in 2006, significantly higher than the average of $568 for all industries. This reflects the concentration of professionals and specialists who often are highly compensated for their skills or expertise.

Software Publishing, adding jobs at an annual rate of 5.7 percent between 1994 and 2004, was the economy’s third fastest growing industry. It is also expected to be the Nation’s second fastest growing employer, with a projected annual growth rate of 5.3 percent. Firms are expected to continue to invest heavily in productivity enhancing software that facilitates electronic commerce and ensures secure systems of communication. In addition, consumers are anticipated to continue their demand for educational and entertainment software. Adding 161,000 jobs to reach 400,000 by 2014, projected employment growth is expected to be tempered, relative to historical rates, by cost-cutting initiatives that outsource routine tasks offshore. Providing the backbone to a largely technology-based economy, however, this industry’s real output is expected to reach $281.2 billion by 2014, reflecting an economy-leading increase of $180 billion and a 10.8-percent annual rate from its 2004 level—the third fastest in the economy.
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